Estate law and family law in North Carolina

Dividing Property Fairly During Divorce

One of the realities of divorce is the assets and income that supported one household must now support two households. For this reason and others, dividing marital assets is often one of the biggest challenges in a divorce. The guidance and knowledge of an experienced attorney can go a long way in making sure you are treated fairly.

At Quay & Associates, P.A., we strive to create customized solutions to these and other issues in your divorce. Your goals will be our goals as we work to protect your rights and help you move forward from this trying time.

How The Law Works In North Carolina

Under North Carolina law, it is presumed that courts will divide all marital property evenly, although courts may deviate from the norm if certain factors exist. Marital property is generally defined as anything acquired during the marriage with marital assets. Gifts to one spouse, an inheritance to one spouse, or assets purchased prior to the marriage and kept separate from the marital estate are not considered to be marital property.

Under the leadership of founding attorney Cindi Quay, our team will help you understand the legal process, providing you with the information you need to make wise decisions in your divorce. We have significant experience helping people decide what to do with all types of marital assets, including the marital home, retirement funds and pensions, and other issues. In addition, we have helped both Marines and civilians through the unique property division issues involved in military divorce.

Most of our firm’s cases are resolved through a negotiated settlement or mediation. Of course, if we have to take your case to trial, we will be prepared to present a strong argument on your behalf.

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