We Help You Fight Your Traffic Ticket

Why Fight A Speeding Ticket? Your Driving Record And Your Wallet Are At Stake.

It is a fair question: Should you fight your traffic ticket or just pay the fine? The answer depends a lot on your current driving record. If you already have a moving violation on your record within the past few years, fighting your ticket can be the most important thing you can do to prevent the harsh consequences that can come with too many points against your driver's license.

Even if your current speeding ticket doesn't result in a heavy penalty, what about your next one? Fighting your ticket is the only way to keep your record clear.

If you reside in a community along the North Carolina central coast, call an attorney at Quay & Associates, P.A., in New Bern. Paying the fines for your ticket, whether online or by mail, is pleading guilty to the speeding charge. This can lead to points on your driving record and increase the price of your insurance. Hiring one of our lawyers can help you:

  • Avoid the hassle of going to court
  • Save you money on your insurance
  • Avoid possible suspension or revocation of your license
  • Avoid increased license registration fees as a habitual offender

Drunk Driving Charges, Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol

A DWI/DUI charge can lead to the revocation of your license, an increase in your insurance premiums, fines up to $10,000 and even jail time. We understand the law is harsh. It is our job to help reduce those charges, minimalize your penalties and get you back on the road.

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